Why Nord Stream 2 is causing a rift between Europe and America

What’s so controversial about it?

Natural Gas pipelines, normally wouldn’t even make the news but this one’s an exception. First of allm Nord Stream 2(NS2) pipeline, doubles the amount of natural gas carrying capacity from Russia all the way to Germany when it’s finally completed. And you can see why so many people are making a fuss about it, since Germany produced too little natural gas, it has to rely on Russia for natural gas supply, and with the NS2 built, it’ll make their problem a lot less complicated. It’s one of the reasons why Angela Merkel will make sure this matter is on the list when she’s making a visit to Washington to meet Joe Biden.

As to why America oppose to it, is simply because Russia will have the upper hand, being the supplier of natural gas to one of the biggest consumer of natural gas in Europe, they fear the political power Vladimir Putin would have over the market. Regardless of their disputes and disagreements, it’s bound to be completed and who knows how it’ll affect the market in the long run.

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Source : The Economist