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What Our Students Say?

Hi Admin, thank you for organising the training yesterday. I hope there will be more in the future for the benefit of newcomers like me. It was very useful and refreshing for me after being out of the market for 9 years or so. The cikgu or rather shifu was very knowledgeable and kind enough to share his experience and knowledge which reflected the years of hand ons trading experience. Bravoo!
Maturin Sibi
Terbaiklah. Tapi aku nak ambil ilmu dari setiap cikgu yang mengajar. Nak lebih baik lagi.
Haha okay sangat sangat. Sebab saya newbie lagi. Dapat tahu fundamental ni bonus la untuk saya. Tu recording cikgu izwan saya simpan haha. Terima kasih organised program ni.
Sgt OK. Byk membantu. Smlm ni kaki depo hahaha skrg tak depo lagi :D. Nanti invite Cikgu Zul lagi Athira...saya suka dia punya teknik, minta kelas AO Master.
Sy join mmg sgt baik and ilmu sangat beguna sbb sy newbie mmg xtau apa2 tentang trading ni. Effort Xero Academy mmg A sis sbb mudah dan senang dari segi masa...cikgu yang mengajar pon bagus nota dgn penerangan sgt jelas mmg fun. Terbaik XeroMarket dan Xero Academy trima kasih sgt2.