How to fund your account

Fund your account to start trading. You can find out how by selecting your country from the list below.

Important information

Please note that for security reasons payments must be made directly by the named account holder, and not by any third parties. The minimum funding amount for card payments is $10 USD, but there is no obligation to trade. There is no minimum funding amount for bank transfers. If your account is inactive for 6 months, an inactivity fee will apply.

We cannot accept cash payments, commercial credit cards, or business credit cards.

Debit card and credit card payments can only be used for personal accounts.

All payments are subject to security checks and we may request more information from you before returning your funds, such as a screenshot of your bank statement or proof of identity.

We’ll normally remit money in the same method and to the same place from which it was received. However, we may consider a suitable alternative at our absolute discretion.