Fundamental Analysis Friday 30 March 2023

Author: Steve Tee

US & China

The war escalation is increasing in intensity and its no good for anyone. Initially, it was Ukraine and Russia. However, this situation has dragged many other parties into the scenario and China being one of them. They have been accused to supply weaponry to Russia and also buying Russian cheap oil is deemed as funding a war monger nation. We all should know how well the Western propaganda machines in mainstream media works.

The US government, along with NATO, UK and Eurozone leadership does not seem to want peace and NATO is seemingly placing troops closer and closer to Russia territory, provoking the Kremlin ever more. It was reported recently by BBC that Ukrainian tanks will be supplied with uranium depleted shells. This is seriously pushing things to the edge. Using radioactive materials in warfare can cause extremely serious predicaments to innocent people cause massive destruction.

And China is gearing up. As reported by Foreign Affairs, President Xi Jinping stated that he is preparing for war. He is preparing for the worst-case scenario. Even during end of January 2023, a four-star general Mike Minihan predicts a war with China to take place in 2025, as reported by Time Magazine. US and their alliances are fearing there will be a bloc that will rival their existence. With the Western economy and culture come tumbling down, when all things fail, they will take you to war.

More banks are showing cracks in the system and being expose after the tide runs low. Schwab’s banking empire of $7 Trillion built on low rates are showing signs of problems, as reported by Yahoo Finance. Man Group CEO states that more banks will fail in the next 2 years, as reported by Reuters. The contagion beast is choking everything around it too e.g. housing market. Investopedia wrote that US housing prices fell for 7 straight month in January. Everything is getting destroyed bit by bit in the Western nation. Again, when all things fail, they will take you to war.