Fundamental Analysis Monday April 3 2023

Author: Steve Tee

Latin America & BRICS nation

The letter B in BRICS stands for Brazil, who is the largest economy in Latin America. Argentina, below Brazil, has expressed interest and already applied for BRICS membership. Now Mexico, who is third place in largest economies in Latin America, is considering join BRICS nation. The day of reckoning is getting closer and this can spell out gigantic problem to USA. Mexico produces a massive amount of consumer goods product for US market, food products included, due to cheap and abundance of labor. Plus, Mexico is the nearest adjacent Latin America country to USA territory and US is extremely displease with Mexico’s intentions to join BRICS. Another blow to US is, Brazil announced that they will settle trades in Yuan, not USD.

BRICS alliance will provide military assistance to their member nations, as like how AUKUS provide military assistance to European Union and NATO members. Imagine China, Russia and Iran placing military aid to Mexico with troops, tanks, warships, arms and drones?

Egypt is also keen to be part of the BRICS and they have joined as a member in New Development Bank (Central Bank for BRICS) as step one. Do you know who is already a member in NDB besides the BRICS countries? Bangladesh and United Arab Emirates. Soon, more countries will be enlisted in NDB, a new central bank, that could potentially issue a (or a basket of) new world reserve currency that is backed by commodities e.g. Gold, as reported by Cointelegraph.

Saudi Arabia already begin to settle trade in Yuan. Saudi Arabia also has made announcements to cut oil supply by 500,000 barrels per day beginning of May till end of 2023, reported by BreakingNews.IE. On top of that, Saudi Arabia has joined Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), a strategic security initiative led by China and possible Russia, as ties strengthen with the East powerhouse.

President Xi and President Putin met in Moscow and signed several critical documents for no-limit partnership, as reported by Redacted. Al Jazeera reported that President Xi told President Putin of “changes not seen in 100 years”. Something will happen that the entire human history, has yet to see. Something that was deemed impossible, will potentially be possible in the near future.