Fundamental Analysis Friday 20 February 2023

Author: Steve Tee

US vs China

Guess who is making headlines now? It seems spontaneous and deliberate by the media machine to bring in another party into the brawl. Ukraine was the first fire starter when it requests to sanction India and China because they are buying oil from Russia, which directly means supporting Putin’s war ambitions. Seems like that propaganda was not good enough. If you guessed that China is making headlines, you got it. Secretary of State Blinken says that China may be on brink of supplying arms to Russia, after meeting with Chinese diplomat Wang Yi, reported by The Guardian. BBC on the other hand, reported that China may give Russia weapons and ammo, which was mentioned too that US Sect of State Blinken said Beijing was considering “lethal support” for Russia in Ukraine.

This war will take a very long time to end. With global economy lack luster and a potential crisis soon to come, top elites lurking behind the scene waiting for war driven profits and revenues, in the expense of tax payer’s money and put the nation further into debt hole. Put it simply, when Biden announce “care packages” or “military aid” or anything that rhymes with it, it’s either printing more money by the Fed, US Treasury borrowing more money, or burning off tax payer’s money (The first choice is usually the favorite, QE).

So far, the East is putting up a fight against the West. The cronies are making tons of money behind the scene and the others are suffering from it. Recently, US gunned down so-called “spy ballons” but was recently discredited by President Biden that it has any ties with China. However, the mainstream news machine was quick to harp on it and try to paint a negative image on their adversary, even if its not true. A report by MarketWatch titled “Did the U.S. use a $400,000 missile to shoot down a balloon costing as little as $12?” says it all.

Paranoia? Intentional? A staged precursor to what’s coming? Or purely incompetence of US Military and higher command? Many believe this cannot be coincidence. It is too coincidental, to be true.