England lockdown rules to end on 19 July, PM confirms

England is back in business!

They lost to Italy but they won’t lose to Covid

All legal restrictions on social contact will be lifted and although it’s not mandatory to wear masks, it’s still expected and recommended to wear them in closed spaces. Taking precaution and what might just be the silver lining found after their defeat at the euros, with football clubs once again able to use their newly renovated stadiums to full capacity, which will no doubt bring much delight to football fans around the globe, even more so those in England.

Nightclubs will also be allowed to reopen for the first time since March 2020 and capacity limits will be removed for all venues and events. Though there might be extra precautions taken due to it being such a closed and tight space, possibly encourage more venues with large crowds to use the Covid-status certification. For those who have completed their vaccination or those with negative test results or have natural immunity after recovering from Covid-19 will benefit from it.

There will no longer be any limits on how many people can meet and the 1m-plus distancing rule will be removed. .


Source : BBC news