Invest And Earn By Copying Strategies From Xero Pro Traders

Xero Copytrade wants you to gain profit right now even if you are new in trading.

Choose from a long list of top-performing managers and copytrade will copy their trading strategy for you. Or just sign up to become a Manager, earn more profit and show us how it’s done!

How It Works

Create Account & Deposit

Sign up with two easy steps and make a deposit to your wallet. If you already have funds in your trading account, you can just transfer the money to your Wallet. Your Wallet balance will display your uninvested funds.

Copy Our Best Traders

Choose from a long list of top-performing managers and simply ‘Copy’ them. Everything after that will be automatically handled for you. Each manager uses different strategies, so you can try and find the one that works best for you.

Keep Track & Profit!

Best part is, you’re still in control over your trades. You can modify or stop copying trades whenever you want. You can view detailed trading statistics for copied Managers in your account for your own usage.

Let’s Get Started

XeroMarkets clients are provided with exclusive access to trading tools, forex news & forex analysis.

Follow Successful Trader

Not An Expert? No Problem


Earn Additional Passive Income

A new tool that lets traders, especially new ones to earn additional income by copying trading strategies from experienced traders

Learn From Example
An easier way for newbies to start trading.

Diversify Your Investment
Choose your manager from a pool of experienced traders with their own unique strategies.

Everything In Real-Time
View your invested funds and manage risks in real-time.

Stay In Control
You can stop, modify, unsubscribe or close the trade at any time.

One-Click Away
No additional
verification necessary.

Deposit & Withdraw Funds Easily & Securely
Choose from a variety of payment methods.

Pro In Trading? Earn By Letting Others Copy You

As you trade, get additional income when others copy you. Your manager profile will have everything displayed including daily and monthly stats to reflect your trading performance!

Profit-sharing from your Investors.

Connect with others by networking with your copiers.


The opportunity to manage funds enhance your trading portfolio.


Other than a trading platform, are there any other products or services by XeroMarkets?

We do provide Copytrade, you can trade even without any knowledge

How to sign up for copytrade?

Choose either you want to become Investor or Manager

What is the benefit of becoming a Manager?

Decide the performance fee percentage and earn more profit

How much can I get in return as an Investor?

It depends on how much your Manager trades and your sharing type

What is the maximum loss I will encounter as an Investor?

Limit your losses with our Copytrade system.

How much is the performance fee for Copytrade?

It depends on the Manager’s profit. A portion of the performance fee will be deducted from profit.

Can we choose any Manager?

Yes, choose any Manager you want to copy

Can we change the Manager if the Manager doesn't perform?

Yes, sure you can.

For Copytrade, does the capital need to be the same as the Manager?

No, but we advise you to at least have the same equity as your Manager for proper Risk Management

How do I unsubscribe a Manager?

Just log in to Copytrade dashboard & unsubscribe

What are the guidelines to become an Investor?

Please click here to read more: Guidelines to become an Investor

What are the guidelines to become Xero Manager?

Please click here to read more: Guidelines To Become Xero Manager